Missing glass storage containers, !!!

Recently I purchased a few new sets of beautiful makeup brushes. While looking through a zillion of ugly rubber made containers I suddenly realized it’s practically a sin putting these in “Rubber Made” covered dishes. While being very practical, and hygienic. Not so great for display purposes. After all us ladies know they definitely don’t give applicators away.

So what to do with my dilemma? One word “Pinterest ” ! With one swipe I had my answer: Spaghetti Sauce Jars!!! A little paint, a bit of creativity , hot glue gun and a little bit more ribbon!

Perfect to keep my beautiful sheared sable brushes (“MAC”) ( of course!). Dust free, hygienic and quite a beautiful display, if I do say so myself!

Happy to say after pondering this idea and the recent ” plastic straw dilemma. Maybe we should all be more concerned about the all plastics we purchase and use instead of their more attractive and durable glass products.