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“Bozo” “Liar”!! Tyrant?Propagandists


In the past days I’ve been thinking about Abraham Lincoln. A wonderful Patriot in the fight of his life. Indeterminately whom was never able to enjoy the spoils of arguably his life’s purpose.

A great man with brilliant interpretations of human rights, the law, and the very fiber of our democracy as laid out in ” The Constitution of the United States of America”. When at the time many wondered if there would be a state of Union in this great land. The word United.. to bring together… What of it back in Lincoln’s day? I digress.

To my next thought of what a great mind and reputation such as honest Abe would think of his beloved Union of States and the very laws it was put upon?

The office of the Presidency, the meaning of the Constitution and all its almost inexplicable for thought?

The embarrassment I feel for that very office now, when I think of how other countries leader’s and citizens must sit back in amazement how this great country and masses of the super educated could stand for these shinanagans. A government as powerful and ingenuitive would need to be ” shut down” . And how this must translate to them.

Yes. Thoughts of the great presidencies this sea to shining sea has had, the blessings, surely of a higher power. If tyrant and propaganda could take over such a dinamic land, what hope is left for the democratic process in our lands abroad?

Tina M.

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