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Kim Kardashian Shares Magical Details of Chicago’s Birthday Bash |

Kim Kardashian Shares Magical Details of Chicago’s Birthday Bash |
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All boys must read:


We Heart It Editor
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Dear boys,
this article is for you
because dear boys,
I find that most of the times it is not okay for us to be emotional, sensitive or ‘feminine’
and us boys, we need to be more vulnerable, we need to talk more about our feelings.

So, dear boys, please read what I have to tell you.

dear boys, let yourself…

let yourself feel emotions,
let yourself smile,
let yourself be kind,
because there’s no point in acting strong and rough if it doesn’t make you happy

let yourself be fragile,
let yourself be sad,
because your feelings aren’t something to hide

let yourself be feminine,
wear nail polish,
wear pink clothes,
wear whatever the hell you want,
because you choose what you want to put on your body

dear boys, please…

please, never think you have to be a certain way to be boys,
never think you have to have muscles to be a real man,
never think you have to like alcohol to be a real man,
never think you have to love sex to be a real man

please, support your fellow boys,
whether they are transgender, gay, of a different race

please, help who isn’t as strong as you,
help who is bullied,
help who doesn’t have the same opportunities as you,
help even who don’t ask for help,
because you can make a difference in someone’s life

dear boys, be…

be gentle,
touch your loved ones only with a flower,
because being violent isn’t in our nature

be curious,
try to look through appearance
try not to stop at the first glance

the best you can be

share this with the boys in your life

This article was written by @tbhcaleb on the We Heart It Writers Team.

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Posted to Articles on January 28, 2019
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